We create furniture that makes
people feel good.

Because we believe when people feel good, they work, relax and live better.

An Australian company

Feelgood Designs was established in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on natural materials, innovative design and quality, our furniture helps to create warm, human-oriented ‘feelgood’ environments. Through collaborations with selected designers we endeavour to provide enduring furniture solutions that combine the best of traditional craftsmanship with modern day manufacturing and high quality materials.

What goes into making a piece of furniture feel good?

It’s the carefully selected materials that feel good to touch and add warmth to a room.
It’s the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail that entices you to run your hand along a beautifully crafted surface.
It’s the enduring quality of our designs that ensures they remain contemporary for decades to come.

Why we love rattan…

Ideal for use in furniture, rattan naturally embodies many of the properties high tech materials try to emulate. Its high strength and flexibility enables the formation of organic shapes that mould to the user’s body. Rattan’s excellent breathability and low thermal conductivity improve user comfort and help the body to maintain a constant temperature.
Our handwoven production process consumes minimal energy, provides employment to struggling communities and helps to keep this traditional craft alive.
Rattan is a biodegradable, renewable resource. When managed sustainably rattan leaves a small environmental footprint.